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"This has to be the most elegant, minimal and beautiful ambulance in the city. And the idea of having a graphic at the top of ambulance is literally the cherry at the top of the cake. Extremely happy about the various considerations and thoughts that went on this.”

Dr. Paul Henry, Naruvi


Vehicle graphics have the power to create memorable impressions as they form a 24/7 mobile marketing of the brand. Being a moving touchpoint, it covers more demographics and instantly gets registered in the minds of people who even happens to encounter it at the chance. However, Ambulance presents a special and sensitive case of vehicle branding. For one, unlike other vehicles, ambulance cannot ever be slow and they are primarily the face of emergency care more than the hospital brand. This called for a careful design to achieve a balance in the emergency care function of the vehicle and the perception of the hospital brand.

Patient centricity is rooted in our design philosophy for all touchpoints with Naruvi Hospitals and the case of ambulance graphics presented us with one of the most interesting and challenging design objectives.

Challenge & Objective

The state of ambulance in India faces a lot of critique in terms of their standards and conditions of their services, but an even greater conern in here is the time .The response time and the transit duration are of the utmost essence when it comes to emergency care. While the intended target audience are the patients requiring immediate assistance, it is infact the commuters and family of the patients who form the key agents influencing its function with their dissimilar sense of urgency and negligence.

Building upon the patient centric values of the Naruvi brand, this project helped facilitate a faster transit of ambulance through targeted design choices that would communicate an univocal urgency, promise and trust in attaining rapid care.

The one question we constantly asked ourselves throughout this project:
How could we use branding to address and improve the performance of ambulance?

Our Approach

We factored in every granular details of ambulance from its type, demographics, the presence/absence of windows, the information matrix and more.

There are in total five facets to an ambulance and each side faces a different audience and hence capable of conveying different story through the spread of information. We first selected the right mix of information that it is minimal, bold and could be grasped quickly to communicate about the brand and at the same time inform about emergency care in a way that ensures rapid response to patient needs by eliminating various frictions and inefficiencies in the transit process.

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We enhanced the brand presence by introducing the primary brand colors and signatory motifs to the ambulance graphics in a non intrusive way which adhered to the traditional imagery of ambulance while side by side conveyed the significance to emergency, life, and attention. The application of such features helps the commuters to instantaneously be aware of ambulance in vicinity and to be prepared to give way.

And to establish a strong brand recall factor, we derived graphics from the signatory brand visual to communicate their brand values and promise in a louder way as the siren.



Emergency response is a cornerstone of healthcare services and ambulance services play a big role in delivering it. Through this project, we identified the different ways an ambulance can establish a dialog of care in all its touchpoints to the patient, public, and fellow commuters. And through a collaborative and iterative effort, we factored in decisions on a multilateral level from healthcare, environmental, cultural, and societal dimensions to crystallize out an informative and visually appealing life-saving companion. This project also provided us with an opportunity to be the first one attempting to contextualize and interpret an evidence-based behavioral impact of graphic design in ambulance branding.

In the end, it's all about saving lives. By creating awareness among the public and generating a voluntary sense of aiding in an emergency, our targeted design that is built on the lines of gratitude can help fetch/save few minutes that go a long way in making difference in many lives.

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Project Team

We pride ourself on this in-depth exploration of various elements for this project. Our projects are created with precision and subtlety, and every design decision is made with an intent that generates value in its usage.

Indhu Kanth

Design Strategist & Researcher

Shruti Tandon

Account Manager

Harish Venkatesh

Founder & CEO

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