We are Frozen Iris.

We design everything from brand strategy to deployable products to help businesses grow in the best direction. 

Our Roots

We started out as a bunch of students with cameras with an eye for vivid and aesthetic imagery. Perhaps we dwelt in those images for so long that it translated into a knack for design. We got our hands on design tools. We wrote codes, we created graphics, we studied the market, we understood the internet, everything - from the ground up. It nurtured our instinct and gave us immense insight. And here we are, a studio, putting everything we know into building and becoming the voices of the successful brands of today.

What do we do?

We like to make designs that are functionally and visually stunning.

Holistic. Sustainable. These are the words we live by while designing. Our designs stand on the firm ground of empathy and aesthetics and our user-centric approach lead to experiences that are visceral. When our design meets your vision, it is a match made. It is because we don’t build design strategies in isolation, we derive it from our conversations.

Who have we worked with?

Meet our fantabulous team

The glue that holds this dynamic group of people is a passion for learning beyond what one is already good at. We are a small team, unrestrained by domain & unmatched in spirit.
Harish Venkatesh
Founder & CEO
Indhu Kanth
Design Strategist & Researcher
Aninya Gangal
Lead, Graphic Design
Hari Prasath
Lead, Digital Design
Nikhil Kumar
UI Designer
Preksha Dugar
UI Designer
Samuel Sleeba
Webflow & Interaction Designer
Shruti Tandon
Account Manager
Shiva Siddarth
Lead, Operations
Renukha Padmanabhan
Graphic Designer
Lead, Content
Jahanavee Rathee
Content Writer
Vignesh Arullingam
Sr. Content Designer
Sushma Anna Mathew
Human Resource Manager


Intern, Design Research
Sai Ram Ved
Intern, Design Research
Yukta Rustagi
Intern, Design Research
Susmita Rakshit
Intern, UI Design

Our Alum

Intern, Design Research
Sai Ram Ved
Intern, Design Research
Yukta Rustagi
Intern, Design Research
Susmita Rakshit
Intern, UI Design
Varun Bharadwaj
Sr. UX Strategist
Surbhi Chaudhary
Business Developer
Siri Gurram
Intern, Graphic Design
Pronoy Mehra
Intern, UI Design
Ann Mathew
Intern, Graphic Design
Jagriti Sachan
Intern, Graphic Design

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In the pursuit of solving design problems, we are relentless, responsible and transparent at work and equally chill at play. We like a balance of both. Hitch a ride with us in our journey full of fun and learning
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To bring the best to each project, we collaborate with the most reliable and skilled partners. Keep our back and you would never have to worry about credit sharing and fair compensation. We would like to hear from you and understand your core services
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