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“ Working with Frozen Iris has been a great experience so far. They really got into the design process, with their thorough understanding of design, research on market, competition, user empathy, behaviour, choice of colours and style etc., they did excellent mind mapping of the design from all the stake holders of Ambee, choose the right framework, and hence by virtue of it we stand out as not only as a website but also have 5x our traffic from 5,000/day to 25,000/day and have grown our search metrics to SEO metrics like session time, improved bounce rate and conversion.

Even after a few months of deploying, Harish and team continue to help us, review us and continue to contribute to the growth of our website. I would recommend Frozen Iris and its team of excellent thinkers, designers to any growing startup, SME or MSME.

Madhusudhan Anand, Co-Founder & CTO, Ambee


Pollution is an extremely pertinent issue in India and over the past decade has increased at an alarming rate, worsening the health of environment, economy and people. Given the limitation of data, India requires methods for addressing data gaps for implementing effective counteroffensive measures against poor air quality.

Ambee is one such environmental intelligence initiative with an aim to empower the common man with environmental data. Having the largest and most accurate air quality data in Asia, Ambee aims to make hyperlocal air quality data and analytics accessible to individuals, organisations and governments in real time for aiding in making environmentally sound decisions that can help in impacting business solutions, environmental concerns and health.

Through a strong web presence, we aim to weave and narrate the forward moving story of Ambee and to establish their clear offerings with the different target segments.

Challenge & Objective

More than instituting a technology-driven approach to ecological redemption, Ambee focuses on the behavioral drivers aimed to inspire change in the way we understand the atmosphere we live in and our primary aim was to capture this visceral vision of theirs in digital pages.

With the following objectives, we went on to establish a strong brand presence , holistic and engaging information and a referential story to be more vocal about Ambee’s products, mission, and values.

  • Revamping the entire site architecture , content and navigation experience to streamline the product/service diversification by establishing proper channels of information flow to capture the right set of audience.

  • To create a visual product story and expand the brand defintion through UI/UX
  • To improve SEO performance and conversion optimisation by deriving a content strategy

The one question we constantly asked ourselves throughout this project:
How could we use branding to address and improve the performance of ambulance?

Our Approach

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The epicentre of the project lied not just in communicating what Ambee is but it’s more about informing the changes and impact they are trying to bring. We thus emphasized more on the emotive by distilling the enumerative in a visually impactful and informative manner. We devised a content based UX strategy specified to accomodate all the possible user journey as each one of them speaks to entirely different people with very different end goals.  

And finally by giving a rich colorful story with 3d graphics and animations, we helped in enhancing user experience across the website  to create the necessary awareness on environment, a healthy impact for the users and honest success for Ambee.

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Project Team

We pride ourself on this in-depth exploration of various elements for this project. Our projects are created with precision and subtlety, and every design decision is made with an intent that generates value in its usage.

Harish Venkatesh

Founder & CEO

Aninya Gangal

Lead, Graphic Design

Indhu Kanth

Design Strategist & Researcher

Varun Bharadwaj

Sr. UX Strategist

Hari Prasath

Lead, Digital Design

Vignesh Arullingam

Sr. Content Designer

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