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Packaging Design for a product with a commitment to providing healthy and nutritious alternative to sugar.




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Challenge & Objective

Since its launch in <year>, Some More Foods has grown into an easily recognizable brand, with a commitment to providing healthy and nutritious alternative to noodles and pasta, including other breakfast and snacks options.

The new product, Coconut Sugar called for a careful design and innovative thinking as it had to compliment the design of existing line of products, at the same time stand out among its competitors.

The one question we constantly asked ourselves throughout this project:
How could we use branding to address and improve the performance of ambulance?

Our Approach

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However, the client was unable to materialse the above packaging design due to the unavailability of vendors under the COVID-19 crisis. And thus we went for an intermediate yet sustainable alternative with paper packaging. We retained the packaging design in a label format instead without any loss of information.


We created packaging design for coconut sugar - designed to fit in with existing products and attract the target audience. Keeping in mind the nature and source of the product, we used green and brown colors. To highlight the nutritious values of the product, we used tailor-made icons.

We subtly illustrated the natural environment the product is sourced from to bring a sense of intuitiveness to the packaging.

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Project Team

We pride ourself on this in-depth exploration of various elements for this project. Our projects are created with precision and subtlety, and every design decision is made with an intent that generates value in its usage.

Renukha Padmanabhan

Jr. Graphic Designer

Siri Gurram

Intern, Graphic Design

Harish Venkatesh

Founder & CEO

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Get in touch with us to know more about the research, process that went into this project and also to access our own guideline document on ambulance branding.
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