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Creating a Student Handbook for the batch of 2016. Inducting students through an informative and memorable experience.

The Handbook has become an integral part of the SNU welcome kit which they hand over to the freshers during the orientation every year. This project involved generating the content + design + photographs talking of the history and the journey that lies ahead for the university, in addition to the essential enrichment on living & learning in the campus for years to come. The flow of information with design has been treated uniquely to create a sense of beginning of meaningful friendships & memories, by designing pages to encourage interaction among the freshers. Also, the content + design are structured well intact with each other for compactness with conscious efforts to reduce the usage of paper.

In line with the high spirits of the orientation day, the design language resonates with appropriate increasing shades of joyous colours and rich imageries with the cover portraying the metamorphoses of a colourful beginning to a colourful being by living & learning in the enthralling campus.

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