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Bringing their global legacy of high standard services, efficient management and customer-first policy, to the Indian market.

The Client

Expanding their global footprint, JungDo came to India in 2019. Since then, they have been engaged in various key projects like the world’s largest factory for Samsung in UP, India, Hotel Taj Vivanta in MP, India, Sharda University, UP, India etc. 

They wanted to take their global legacy forward in the Indian subcontinent. With its iconic logo in place, they needed a digital touchpoint where JungDo's new audience can learn more about the company and its offerings. 

How did we help?

To set a new design language for JungDo, we interpreted the form and colour of the existing logo. Being a new company with a finite set of work completed in the Indian market, the messaging was to be bold and clear about the company and its expertise on services.

The Technology

Few pages of the website were designed keeping the scalability in mind to add or reduce services based on the response in the market. The website was made responsive and integrated with an intuitive CMS to help them operate with ease.

Space/Event Design

JungDo participated in ACREX 2020, their first mega event in India, where they wanted to showcase their capabilities and activities completed in the Indian landscape in their short period of existence.

Expanding their design language of being bold and clear, the interaction and engagement with the viewers were divided consciously between the wall space provided in the booth, followed by deep dive information in the brochure.

The wall space had its loud and clear showcase of their products, services and presence created while the brochure offered more information about the process and activities completed.

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