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An ecosystem that fosters innovation and technology development for Defence and Aerospace, one step closer to a self-reliant India.

The Client

Innovations for Defence Excellence is a Ministry of Defence initiative that aims to create an ecosystem where individual innovators, MSMEs, startups, R&D institutes and academia, can engage and work towards innovation and development in the defence and aerospace sectors. They envision a self-reliant India - one that discovers and nurtures the innate potential of its people.

To go full throttle, iDex needed visual identity - logo, branding and the website. 

How did we help?

This project inspired us to take a deep dive and explore the unexplored. We went through myriad imagery trying to bring the best of all three defence forces into the logo and the website. 


Of ancient India’s many defences, the one that stood out for us were arrows. Arrows depict the ability to pierce and destruct, which is primarily a stance of attack. But when three arrows come together, they become a shield, invariably depicting defence and protection. It can also be visualised as the union of the three forces, to defend better.

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