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We design everything from brand strategy, website experience and deployable products to help businesses grow in the best direction. Since our inception in 2015, we have helped 50+ global clients across Healthcare, Technology, Construction, Human Resources & Education to position, transform and scale their business through meaningful brand experiences.


Brand Audit
Brand Strategy
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Website Development
Competitor Analysis
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As a Founder and Brand owner, it is critical to work with right design partners and for me it’s so relieving to work with Frozen Iris as they take care of market research and we get final design with little or no corrections and it’s always a pleasure to see our new product with amazing package design.

Their designs gives us confidence to get into markets unexplored and we are successful at it. We have on-going projects with the team now and we are excited to increase our market share through new product we are planning to launch with team Frozen Iris.


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Frozen Iris really got into the design process, with their thorough understanding of design, research on market, competition, user empathy, behaviour, choice of colours and style etc., they did excellent mind mapping of the design from all the stake holders of Ambee, choose the right framework, and hence by virtue of it we stand out as not only as a website but also have 5x our traffic from 5,000/day to 25,000/day and have grown our search metrics to SEO metrics like session time, improved bounce rate and conversion.

Madhusudhan Anand

What differentiates Frozen Iris is their deep involvement and interest in understanding our business. That coupled with their markedly brilliant design sense and communication, helped us achieve desired results, communicating our brand as it should be.

Mayank Jain



We worked towards shaping the brand, strategy and the website of All.ai — India's very own AI conference. We are excited to share that our website project for All.ai 2020 summit got featured on Onepagelove.

All.ai is Intel India’s first-ever fully virtual, free-to-attend Summit. The four-day event provided insights into the state of AI today, advanced research projects currently underway, and strategies for applied technology and problem-solving in India and the world.
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